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Photographs are a valuable commodity, so please read through these plain language terms and conditions before you complete your purchase.

These terms and conditions apply to any sale through this website:

By purchasing and/or downloading images you agree to be bound by this agreement:

1. Images sold through this website are licensed to you for your personal use. I retain the copyright on all my photographs, even commissioned work and any fees paid are in consideration of granting rights to reproduce or exploit only the images you purchase.

2. Once paid for, you may share your digitally downloaded images as you wish (via your website or social media or as part of a printed portfolio, as long as you are not paid for the production of such work). You may print copies for your own use as a natural person, or to promote yourself as a professional person. (eg. images of you on your business cards or website are allowed)

3. If you buy a print you may display it in your home or work environment, but you may not reproduce the image in its entirety or as the dominant part of an image or photograph. In other words, no copying of my print by any means. You may sell the print and retain all proceeds, as long as you do not keep any copies for yourself. You may give the print away as a gift under the same conditions.

4. You may not resell my images for wider distribution, either singly or as part of any collection. If you want to use my photographs to advertise a business or sell images on Stock Photo sites, please contact me and we can negotiate an extended licensing fee. The rule of thumb here is: how widely will the image be seen and how often will it be reproduced? Under international copyright law, I have the right to benefit from the returns on my creative work.

5. By indicating that you agree to these Terms & Conditions you grant me the right to display and broadcast my photographs of you on my website and to use those images to promote my photography business through any channels available to me.

6. In return, I will not exploit images of you without your prior permission. I will ask you to sign a model release for specific images if I feel that such images have value in advertising or as stock photos, and I will share the profits with you if I receive payment for the use of your image.

7. You are NOT required to sign a release if you don't want to. I hereby agree to respect your copyright in images of yourself, especially when it comes to commercial use, and I will always contact you for permission as soon as it is practically possible.

8. If you elect to allow me to sell photos of you on this website you will be compensated at a fair and agreed upon rate for any prints sold.

9. If either of us breaks this agreement the conflict may be resolved by the decision of an independent arbitrator in case we can't agree on a fair resolution.

10. If it is found that any clause of this agreement is unenforceable or unlawful, that clause will be removed from this agreement, but the rest of the terms and conditions will still apply.