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Portfolio In Studio

Actors, Models and Extras: Your agent needs studio quality photographs to secure castings for you.

You will get: a set of portfolio photos including head-shots, 3/4 and full length portraits, profiles and hands. We'll also record a short video clip of you, introducing yourself. All in all you'll get at least 20 high resolution photographs for your portfolio.

This is a 30 minutes shoot in my studio in Melkbosstrand (click to view in Google Maps), and is ideal for updating your agency photos or if you want to approach and agent for representation.

Please arrive ready to shoot - you'll be responsible for your own hair, make-up and wardrobe. We'll run through a set of standard photos and, after this, you're free to pose and play and create portraits to share on social media. If you have a photo you'd like to emulate, do send it to me ahead of time and I'll see what can be done.

Wardrobe: Bring clothes that look good on you and make you feel comfortable and confident. During the session we can cover 3 "looks": one casual, one formal and one smart-casual outfit. 

*A note on colours: Do not wear white or black clothing, do not display visible logos or bold prints on t-shirts. Busy dense patterns or lines/stripes are best left at home.

Hair: My advice is: keep it simple. It's not necessary to come with just-styled salon hair. You're going to want a look you can maintain, and wear your hair like you'll wear it for castings and auditions. If you have long hair, we'll want to see it up and down, we can do that with one of your looks.

Do what you can to tame frizzy hair, unless it's part of your look, then show off your natural hair. It's awesome.) If you wear a wig, remember that you will want to look like your photographs when you do castings. If you have fine hair, please try to tame the fly-aways if you can.

Whatever your style on the day, that's what we'll capture.

Make-up (for ladies): Best of all is the "nude look" - simple and natural looking make-up.  Remember that the focus must be on your face, not your make-up skills. Show up like you would if you didn't have much time to prepare. If you like you can bring a nice bold lip to dress up your formal look, but we'll apply that for the last look. It's easier to apply more make-up for dressier looks than to try and scrape it off!

Guys and kids should not wear any make-up for portfolio shoots. A little lip-gloss is allowed, but I don't want to know that it's there.

or a sport uniform/outfit. If you're confident about your body we can explore how much to show. - if you have a niche hobby, it may be a good subject for a photo or two. 

SAGA members get a 20% discount** on any photo shoot. Certain agencies get discounts**, so please ask when you book (you can add a note to say which agency you're signed with)

Chat to me if you want to get into doing TV/video commercials or photographic modeling, I may be able to help you sign up with an agent.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in studio - we live in exciting times. What we do during the hard times will certainly bear fruit when it gets easier!

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