April 28, 2021 1:10 AM Blog

This is the fish with spiny dorsal fin, swimming after a mermaid, bottom center, if you engage your imagination.

Above: a phantom sturgeon following a mermaid, swimming toward the night swimmers. you can just see the triangle of her tailfin in the middle, a little to the right. The gostly figure from the Anime movie "Spirited Away"  is rendered in light above them for some reason, just the mask and head. Light can be a tricky thing.

Do you see faces in the woodwork? Bunnies in the clouds? I can make up whole stories with the things I see. The phenomenon is called Pareidolia and is a result of our brains' looking for threats, pattern matching. Many of Salvador Dali's paintings are based on the faces and figures he saw in the rocks and clouds around his childhood home, where he lived and painted, so I've started calling it Dali-vision. Sounds a bit like television, but just enough to confuse people.

Here's the thing.

When you take thousands of photos a week, like I do, you're bound to see a couple of things that aren't there.

Just for instance, earlier this evening I took some photos of neon figures that exist nowhere but in the photos I took. They were drawn in the frame by the movement of light emitting glow sticks moving through space in the cold dark ocean. I was in just the right place, moving in just the right way and with my camera shutter open just at the right moment for those moving glow sticks to paint a little drum major, an old man leaning into the wind and a child learning to walk in bright lines in the photographs. Here they are.

Kaapse Klopse - the little drum major, automatic light painting

Lean Into The Wind - automatic light painting

Learning To Walk - automatic light painting

I promise that these images are straight out of my camera and have not been manipulated - I straightened the horizon and adjusted brightness levels, that's all.

If you were looking for meaning in the universe, you might wonder what these three images mean, following each other as they do. You might believe they carry a message. That message is open to interpretation.

But those aren't the only imaginary images I've seen tonight.

Here's the gallery of images:


The password to this page is: a89ddb8f

WARNING! The pictures below actually resemble my nightmares. I see similar images in my mind when fear speaks to me.  I have pretty vivid daydreams sometimes, when my subconscious mind doesn't want to waste time on words.

You might not want to look. If you're an open water swimmer, you can stop reading right here.

Thelassophobia is one of the most common fears for people with active imaginations - the fear of the unknown creatures that inhabit the deep, dark ocean.

If you think that the images above are interesting, how about this terrifying fish (that also doesn't exist) swimming into my lap, and then snapping up a swimmer, never to be seen again...

One fishy fish, swimming toward me under water with terrifying teeth

The predator, beautifully rendered in soft light and shadows. Lucky for me it looks like the guy in the red shirt is holding him back. Apparently it was a close call, but I'm still here!

In reality, you can't see anything under the water because there simply isn't enough light. You couldn't see anything with the naked eye, you wouldn't know there was anything there until you touched it.

This is merely a trick of the light and the way the camera captured reflections of lights on the tops of waves moving across the frame. It could even have been my knee that left the impression as I kicked.

There's the phantom fish with the shadow of a person in his maw. He'll disappear now and won't be seen again.

If you look carefully, you'll see a the fish thrashing it's head, a blur in the bottom middle thirs of the frame, looks like he has the shadow of someone by the legs. And if you get bored and your mind starts making sense of the light and shadows  you may see a whole row of cylindrical, shall we call them jelly-fish, or mushrooms?

I wouldn't have seen it if I hadn't been looking for things that weren't there. The pictures you see in the clouds are not that clear to anyone else, even though you can't miss them. The pictures you see come out of you, not from outside.

It's amazing what you'll see if you only learn to look.

January 11, 2021 3:42 PM Blog
s an actor or performer, your headshot is a vital tool of the trade - it's a staple of the casting process; Especially for international work, it is the thin edge of the wedge that can get you an opportunity to be seen. No photo, no agent, no iMDB, no casting, no paid work.

By investing in professional photographs you show that you value yourself and your career.

November 30, 2020 9:18 PM Blog
Here's an example of what you can do on a solo photoshoot with minimal props...
Santa and Real Happy Pictures on the beach:
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